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A New Dawn [v3.9.1] ((HOT))

Azuttis, Not really. If you subscribe to Patreon Games you'll get something. Also try _new_dawn it has more detailed explanations than this forum, but not much of any worth. Just keep looking through all the questions and answers when you're stuck. And if you find anything yourself; post it for others to see.

A New Dawn [v3.9.1]

Bro, The developer takes forever to develop the story. Bunch of new updates, but still no progression in the plot. I'm okay with Gamecore not updating this until an actual plot-update is released. Would ruin it for new players having to start from scratch every time Whiteraven releases a new bugfix or bimbo-animation. Here's a thread about the content currently being released: -new-dawn-v2-3-1-whiteraven.1991/page-188 041b061a72


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