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Simon Says Instrumental by Pharoahe Monch - Download or Stream Now

The Wu Tang Clan's unreleased CREAM instrumental is highly sought after among hip hop connoisseurs. It has a strong, thumping baseline that reverberates with a powerful energy which is magnified by captivating riffs accentuated with the occasional ebullient excerpt. Those who download the Wu Tang Clan's CREAM instrumental will be transported to a world of hopscotching beats, skidding synths and pulsating percussion, making this accessory a perfect match for any hip hop aficionado.

Indulge your hip hop sensibilities and supplement your soundscape with Wu Tang Clan's CREAM instrumental. With its percussive precision and regal rhythms, this ringtone is sure to be the envy of any audiophile. Easily downloadable and rip-roaringly resonant, the Wu Tang Clan's CREAM instrumental is an aural experience of reminiscence and revelry.

simon says pharoahe monch instrumental download



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