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Dim-Mak Death-Point Striking - Erle Montaigue ((BETTER))

Name more in keeping with the way that Taijiquan is performed at a high level. Before that, it was simply calledDim-mak or 'death point striking'. Chang was born around 1270 AD. This also is open to conjecture, as there are no definite records. So it is only a guess as to when Chang began to invent his system of dim-mak, around 1300. The story goes that Chang paid money to the local gaolers (jailers for those who use American spelling) to let them experiment on the inmates Therefore, over a period of trial and error, Chang and his two friends worked out what points would kill, which ones would maim and which ones would affect the Qi (energy) system of the body. They even discovered that certain points would cause great harm or death some time after the strike. Hence, the old 'delayed death touch'.

Dim-Mak Death-Point Striking - Erle Montaigue



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