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Stereo Analyst For Arcgis 10.2 License 38 _VERIFIED_

Developed by the same creators of StereoPhoto Maker, Stereo GE Browser [33] is a freeware stereoscopic browser of Google Earth that uses the free Google Earth Browser Plugin from Google [34]. Stereo GE Browser features three synchronized instances of Google Earth (Figure 4); one instance shows the stereo view and two other instances below it display the corresponding left and right views. Users are able to navigate Google Earth as usual by manipulating any of the lower two instances (the two other views will automatically refresh their content). Users can select the stereo viewing method, e.g., half-colour anaglyph, and adjust the stereo base. Other options for real-time stereoscopic viewing in Google Earth include TriDef's Visualizer for Google Earth (part of Dynamic Digital Depth--DDD's TriDef 3D Experience package), which supports anaglyph and other stereo output options, but unlike Stereo GE Browser is not free (a single TriDef 3-D Experience package license costs US $49.99 - Web price as of October 2009) [35].

stereo analyst for arcgis 10.2 license 38


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