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In 1:13:7 - Ek Tera Saath Full Movie Watch Online Free on Hotstar

In 1:13:7 - Ek Tera Saath Full Movie Review: A Paranormal Thriller with a Twist

If you are looking for a movie that combines horror, mystery, and romance, you might want to check out In 1:13:7 - Ek Tera Saath, a Bollywood paranormal thriller that was released in 2016. Directed by Arshad Siddiqui, this movie stars Sharad Malhotra, Hritu Dudani, Melanie Nazareth, Vishwajeet Pradhan, and others in a story that revolves around a haunted palace, a mysterious murder, and a shocking twist.

in 1:13:7 - Ek Tera Saath full movie

The Plot of In 1:13:7 - Ek Tera Saath

The movie follows Aditya Singh (Sharad Malhotra), a rich businessman who lives in a palace with his wife Kasturi (Hritu Dudani) and his mistress Bhavana (Melanie Nazareth). Aditya is haunted by the ghost of his first wife Nisha (Deepraj Rana), who died in a car accident seven years ago. He also suffers from hallucinations and nightmares that make him doubt his sanity.



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