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Since 1993, Ferrari has been offering its clients a driving school with structured levels to perfectly match the experience and wide-ranging needs of the participants. The two cornerstones of Corso Pilota are its state-of-the-art learning technologies and its highly qualified instructors. The aim of the school is to provide participants with the tools to appreciate the technical qualities of Ferrari models in their natural habitat: the track. The cars used on the courses are the following: 296 GTB, SF90 Stradale, used in all levels of the course, and the 488 Challenge Evo, used in the more advanced courses. Many innovations have been added for the 2023 season: firstly, the teaching methods have undergone a thorough revision and have been enhanced by elements that can take full advantage of virtual reality technologies, making the course both more in-depth and engaging. Course participants will also benefit from a package of services designed for their health and well-being, as well as menus developed with the support of specialised nutritionists. Finally, they will have the incredible opportunity to road test the Purosangue, a unique car in which performance, driving thrills and usability coexist in total harmony.For the first time in the history of the Corso Pilota, courses held on a European circuit have been introduced, in response to the educational and lifestyle requirements characterising this activity: Paul Ricard Circuit, located in Le Castellet (FR), a few kilometres from the French Riviera.For more information, contact Customer Care at the following address:

Ferrari Virtual Academy License



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