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StockX Custom Duties INDIA ! __EXCLUSIVE__

You have to pay taxes, also known as customs duty, for importing mobile phones, electronics and other goods from a foreign country into India. These import taxes are payable at the port of entry (like the airport), the courier companies would often pay these on your behalf and will release the goods to you upon the full repayment of these additional duties and taxes.

StockX Custom Duties INDIA !

Various factors determine how much customs duty charges and taxes on imported goods. Your customs duty is calculated based on Harmonized Tariff Code. Each product has a unique HTC code. It is crucial to mention the HTC code on the commercial invoice of any shipment. This will allow customs officers to determine accurate customs duties on products. If the HTC code is missing or entered incorrectly, you may face an inaccurate customs duty with additional penalties.

The true answer is that there is no way to avoid customs duties for any imported product from a foreign country. However, there are a couple of ways to prevent customs duty depending on the value and your shipment type. The customs duty is a percentage determined by the total purchase value of the product paid in a foreign country and is not dependent on quality, size, or weight.

Those returning or planning an extended stay in India should consider using transfer of residency to take advantage of relaxed customs duties. This facility allows the importer of personal or household to avoid paying customs duty on certain qualified items and pay reduced customs duty of certain items. Persons taking transfer of residence are no longer subject to any minimum stay requirements in India.

As of today, StockX now ships to nearly 200 countries around the world. Achieved through the United Parcel Service, international shipping will cost Canadian buyers $30 and $40 for all other global consumers. Additionally, there will also be a 2% International Processing fee. Buyers are also solely responsible for customs, duties, taxes, fees and any other charges imposed by their country of residence.

There is no way to avoid customs duties, customs officers will check all items entering the country and charges will be applied where necessary. If you simply put 'gift' on the customs invoice, this does not mean it will not attract duty as they will still check the value of what is in the box. 041b061a72


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